Monday, January 23, 2017

Find Your Miracle

Find Your Miracle


By Kerry & Chris Shook


My Pastor was just saying this year that we need to believe in Miracles. We should see them all around us and believe that they can happen in our own life. This book first bring up that some Christians are so comfortable that they don’t believe that supernatural miracles still happen. I love how they bring it down to daily life. We come across these and don’t really stop and look into the awe of God.  This book takes into accounts of the miracles of Jesus and looks at how each effected the person’s life after the miracle. Are we where we need to be with God to accept a miracle? How will we change our life to follow more closely with Him? We can also lose sight that God knows the end of the story – he sees the beginning, middle, and the end. He puts his children right where he needs them to be if we are doing our part. Then we can pray later that we will look back to say Wow!

This books breaks into 5 Categories with each having 2 Chapters. At the end of each chapter you are given verses to mediate and study or just to be reminded of God’s goodness. This book is written to where it is easy to read. It is a like friends sitting around chatting and telling stories that go with the main study they are trying to teach you. At the end of the book, you are given Discussion questions broken down by chapter. The book has a book cover with the pictures, etc. The hard back book is white with a light blue spine. I would recommend this book for those looking to get closer to God and wanting to discover the miracles around them. I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review