Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 Lessons learned lately…

1 – When you strive to be the best and to walk in God’s path, there WILL be testing that happens! You will have a week or two of total stress to where you wonder when you will break. Then once you make it through, you sit and take a breath and look back, you wonder: Did I stay the course? Did I stay the shining light for God through the stress? Did I stay the mom and the wife I should had? Did I let my stress get the best of me? Did I vent too much or did I talk to God about it?
2- Are you teaching your kids to pray?
When my baby was an infant, I started our morning prayer outloud in the car while we were driving out of the subdivision. In the beginning I was just out of my comfort zone praying outloud. Now that my baby is a talking toddler, he is learning our morning prayer. Every day is different. I want him to learn that we can talk to Jesus and ask for protection and thank God for things like such a beautiful morning and our sleep last night. This has been a great learning experience for both of us, and I am so thankful that I started this! He will remind me of people to pray for or just to get excited when he realizes that we are praying for him!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who are you?

    I have read in 2 different locations today about how God refines us. Through trials and hardships, God is refining us to be so much more! He refines us to be compassionate, sincere, lovable, and a better person than before. So if you are in a troubled time, let God refine you and become so much more for Him!
     The book I am reading gives you a picture of a lioness. Just when looking at her paw with the nails not in attack mode you see the comforting soft paw that loves on her babies. When defending her children, self, and area that paw changes into something powerful. It gives a glimpse on how we should be. We are the loving mom, wife, daughter, and sister. And when faced with a challenge we should be strong and ready to take on whatever we need to take on to keep our world safe.
Psalm 144: 12 calls us daughters to be like palace corner stones or pillars, which mean strength and support, a leader. Do you consider yourself strength? Support? A leader those around you? Are you ready to run the race God has set before you?
    Are you like a lioness that is aware of her surroundings, caring to those around her and ready to pounce on danger? Are you fearless? Do you start your day saying you will be attentive and productive or are you distracted, busy, and disconnected to your surroundings?