Thursday, April 20, 2017

Healthy living

For 2 years, I have been taking some awesome natural products. Below is what they have done for me. Results are not guaranteed by all. This is just my story.
I have always had stomach issues and was getting pretty desperate that I was going to call my Gastro dr. and tell him to sign me up for a prescription. This would put me on 2 prescription meds at the age of 35! I just wasn’t liking the idea of that. I was also tired of switching b/t all the things like Miralax, Phillips milk of mag, mineral oil, just name it. I was over being bloated and miserable. I already had the 7 day a week medicine thing of fish oil, meds, 4 stool softeners, and vitamins daily.
I had already had a colonoscopy and been told that I had a lazy colon. My only hope would be a prescription. As a mom, you want to be healthy for your kids and yourself. So I said I will give this 60 days and just see. I knew with myself, I would be a hard case to crack since my stomach was a hard case. Ha! It took about a month for me to see a little change, 3 months in, and finally I was ok! (Triplex)
Also on the 3rd month, I realized the monthly bloating that occurs as a female didn’t happen, neither did the cramping. Wow! Then it happened the 2nd month – nothing. I even noticed I wasn’t having issues sleeping. I go straight to sleep and enter into a deep sleep. I still hear the kids if needed but I don’t just lay there.
Sugar: I was a Poptart, icing loving gal that liked a soft drink on the stressful days. Within a week on this product, I went to a birthday party and couldn’t eat all the icing!! It was too sweet. I haven’t had a soft drink in almost 2 years. I don’t want one. I don’t want poptarts. If you know me, this is a big deal!
Good bye bite plate! As an added bonus, I realized months into Plexus, that I had not been using my bite plate and was not grinding and clenching my teeth! There wasn't a headache, and I was not using my bite plate. I have ran out of ProBio for 2 weeks 1x, and the grinding and clenching came back! I won't let that happen again!

These products have blessed my life. This company is debt-free and Based on Christian values.

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