Wednesday, September 24, 2014

God Gave Us Angels By Lisa Tawn Begren

I love this children’s book!
I have gotten a few of these books before for my children. I was curious to see how it would talk about Angels. I loved how it touched on the different types of angels around us. It doesn’t go in depth about the different angels, but as parents we can take it as deep as we need too. The story is cute because the young bear is asking about angels since the bunnies have told her about them. In each picture there is an angel bear around following them. I would recommend this book to anyone with kids. It is great to let them know they have an angel around them all the time, even if they don’t see them. The book even explains how angels were created to worship God and are always with him and have a song in their heart because of seeing and knowing God. It is a square book with a hard cover. It is really a perfect size for reading to children. Thank you to blogging for books for this copy in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sheerluck Homes and The Case of the Missing Friend by Karen Poth

A Lesson on the Golden Rule
My kids were so excited once they saw the book. They love Veggie Tales. I had to explain that Sheerluck Holmes was a detective and what that meant. Then the case to figure out where Sniffy went was a fun adventure for them. I like how it gives you the verse of the Golden Rule at the beginning so you can get the kids to repeat the verse and talk about the meaning at the beginning. We all need to pay attention to our friends and try not to hurt feelings, but if we do, be sure to apologize. I loved the simple words of the #1 Reader. It kept the kids engaged throughout the story and I heard the words, “Read it again!” It is always nice to have fun books on hand that the kids enjoy, can learn to read by, and that teach a biblical lesson. I would recommend this book to anyone with kids. Thank you to the booklookblogger program and Zonderkids for allowing me to review this book for my honest opinion.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

FEARLESS by Eric Blehm

The Publisher’s Description gives a better description than I could give. I guess when I got this book, I was thinking it was from the authors point of view. I like how they let you get to know about Adam in life and in service. This is a great story that takes you in the life of one person. It shows his failures, his triumphs, and his trust in God. It said that his last request was for his testimony to be told, and with this book it has been completed. I love how it has pictures of him as a child throughout his life. It gives pictures of people in the story of life. At the end it leaves his “Legacy” which is an area where people tell what Adam’s story meant to them. There is an “In Memoriam” area that lists lost soldiers. This makes a soldiers life real. It is awesome to know we have such good Christian men fighting overseas. It’s sad to hear of such a sweet family losing such a beloved family member; however, it’s awesome to know his story goes on to inspire. Thank you bloggingforbooks and Waterbrook press for this book in exchange for my honest review.

Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door - A fun children's book!

This children's book by Denette Fret is adorable! Congrad Bates is on a mission to go to his Uncle's house and become a cowboy. However, the neighbor girl, Imogene Louise Lathrup, gets in his way with her sayings. Her constant saying teach Conrad how to become a cowboy or she tells him after he has learned the hard way. This is an adorable children's book for any child. Conrad comes along with his Mega Ultimate Extreme First Aid Kit. My 5 year old son loves this book, and we have read it nightly for almost 2 weeks. After the story, it has some really cute poems that go along with cowboy items mentioned in the story. My son's favorite is Ode to Caynne pepper. Overall the story teaches the lesson to be nice to your neighbor even if she drives you crazy and does things that you don't like. I would recommend this book for any child, esp. those that love cowboys! Thank you to the booklook blogger program for this book in exchange for my honest review!

Some days I lose the battle

Some days I lose the battle
Grace says it doesn’t matter
He’s already won the war
Greater is He that is in the world..

These are words in a song that I hear often. These few lines of the song really hits home. As a mom and wife, there are days that I feel that I have lost the battle … the battle of being the best mom… the battle of being the best wife.. the battle of doing it right that day… but thankfully each day we wake up and start again.. We are forgiven.. God’s mercies are new each day… We need to pick ourselves up and start again..

Then again those words bring a different meaning of the craziness of the news.. Today marks 9/11 remembrance. There aren’t many life moments where you remember exactly where you were when you heard certain news… 9/11, Princess Diana’s death, you are pregnant, your Dad just died, etc. These are moments that put your life in focus of what matters… I don’t see this world getting any better.. I wish people would see the dangers of the world and start focusing on what matters…. Our relationship with Jesus. In a blink of an eye, He will be coming back. Are we prepping each day to be devoted disciples of Christ? Are we training our children to be? In the end, this is our life goal b/c I firmly believe we will be called home soon. Thankfully we can aim at this daily, we fail, we try again, and we know God has already won this war!