Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some days I lose the battle

Some days I lose the battle
Grace says it doesn’t matter
He’s already won the war
Greater is He that is in the world..

These are words in a song that I hear often. These few lines of the song really hits home. As a mom and wife, there are days that I feel that I have lost the battle … the battle of being the best mom… the battle of being the best wife.. the battle of doing it right that day… but thankfully each day we wake up and start again.. We are forgiven.. God’s mercies are new each day… We need to pick ourselves up and start again..

Then again those words bring a different meaning of the craziness of the news.. Today marks 9/11 remembrance. There aren’t many life moments where you remember exactly where you were when you heard certain news… 9/11, Princess Diana’s death, you are pregnant, your Dad just died, etc. These are moments that put your life in focus of what matters… I don’t see this world getting any better.. I wish people would see the dangers of the world and start focusing on what matters…. Our relationship with Jesus. In a blink of an eye, He will be coming back. Are we prepping each day to be devoted disciples of Christ? Are we training our children to be? In the end, this is our life goal b/c I firmly believe we will be called home soon. Thankfully we can aim at this daily, we fail, we try again, and we know God has already won this war!

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