Friday, September 19, 2014

Sheerluck Homes and The Case of the Missing Friend by Karen Poth

A Lesson on the Golden Rule
My kids were so excited once they saw the book. They love Veggie Tales. I had to explain that Sheerluck Holmes was a detective and what that meant. Then the case to figure out where Sniffy went was a fun adventure for them. I like how it gives you the verse of the Golden Rule at the beginning so you can get the kids to repeat the verse and talk about the meaning at the beginning. We all need to pay attention to our friends and try not to hurt feelings, but if we do, be sure to apologize. I loved the simple words of the #1 Reader. It kept the kids engaged throughout the story and I heard the words, “Read it again!” It is always nice to have fun books on hand that the kids enjoy, can learn to read by, and that teach a biblical lesson. I would recommend this book to anyone with kids. Thank you to the booklookblogger program and Zonderkids for allowing me to review this book for my honest opinion.

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