Friday, January 24, 2014

Pirates on the Farm by Denette Fretz (Children's book) The description given, "Pirates on the Farm tells the tale of five brazen pirates who swap high seas adventures for life on a farm. Each member of the unadventurous Sanders family must choose how to respond to the pirates and their antics. Mother forms a Ban the Buccaneers Brigade, eight-year-old Joey imitates everything the pirates do, his older sister keeps her distance, and Dad quietly helps the outcasts find their "land legs." If you child likes pirates, I would recommend this book. The book uses words a lot of pirate terms that children who like pirates would know. If not, there is a definition area in the back. It is a cute book and my 4 year old keeps bringing to me to read to him. It teaches how you should treat your neighbor and gives examples on how to make them feel welcomed. It is a cute book. I would recommend this book to a pirate loving child. Thank you to booksneeze reading program for this book in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1st Bible Study of 2014 ~ Women Living Well has an awesome bible study going on. She gives the study guide, only need the book. I get her emails during the week. I really have enjoyed her blog over the years, so I was excited to get her book, and even more happy to see a study guide over it. I am not a study guide type of person b/c of the busyiness of being a mom/wife/worker,etc. I found the first chapter taking me back on a discussion we had on this blogsite last week – what is our fascination of the Amish? If you see my blog, you know that I am one of those people. Today’s world is so busy, it is nice to read about the simple life – knowing that should be our focus. Life is so busy and there are so many voices/things that take our attention. Even when the sun goes down, we are made to rest, but thanks to electricity and lights, we keep on ticking late into the night. Most more than me, since I crash early at night (morning person here). One thing she pointed out, is how often do we charge our cellphone? Daily, of course. Why don’t we recharge ourselves with God’s word? We can’t take time out? I have put devotions all through my life for this year, so if I walk in to get the dirty laundry from my bedroom, there lies a book. Can I take a minute to read? Thankfully, I have managed about 5 times for that one this year. Even though we have these books, we still need time in the ONE book that counts – BIBLE. In the first chapter you read about her Rachel Ray interview. It saddens me that media cuts out interviews when people bring up their personal walk with Christ. I love as she refers to B.C in our life as mommas – Before Children! Ha! I sure did have a lot more quiet times before my kiddos. I believe Jesus understands those first few years of being a momma and the craziness of life. We must still find times for those sweet moments of solitude, even if we wake up an hour later.  I do love reading how her mom taught her to take quiet times out with Jesus where she would journal, read her bible, etc. This is an awesome idea. How do I teach my children to take time out for their Bible?

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Dawn of Christmas by Cindy Woodsmall

After finishing this book, it just makes you want to say, “awe.” It is such a sweet heartwarming story. The friendship Sadie and Levi find is priceless. It is an enjoyable book in all aspects, minus dealing with her ex-finance. You sit on the edge of your seat wondering when he will mess up this friendship. The book reminds you how God will determine a person’s steps. Sometimes we don’t understand the journey God has placed us on, until we see the end of the story. Isn’t it wonderful God always knows the end of the story before it actually begins. The book even focusing on learning to trust again after being hurt. Life must go on, but it shows that it may be hard, but God has your heart in his hands. If you are looking for a sweet uplifting story, this would be the one. It really wouldn’t matter if it is during the Christmas season or after. Thank you to the waterbrookmultnomah blogging site for this copy to read in exchange for my honest review. It was a blessing to enjoy this book. Once again Cindy Woodsmall has written a great story!

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 "Just a Closer Walk with Thee"

How did 2013 fly by so fast! My chosen word for 2013 was to "Simplfy" life. I would like to think I did, but if I am honest with myself, I will say I didn't truly focus on that as much as I would had liked to, but then again I gave birth to the most wonderful daughter, enjoyed my son being 4, mourned the death of my Granny - yet finding Victory in her death by seeing the joy my daughter brings, and lost my father. Wow that was a lot for a year. For 2014 when I pray about a word, the only thing that comes out is the hymm, "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" So I aim to focus on my walk with Him - giving time to read a Proverb for the day, enjoying all the devotional books that surround me, showing my children my walk with the Lord and leading them, and trying to be the best mom and wife that I can be. Also my focus will be on making Momma healthy so I can be here for my children! Even though the words are few, what I have just written will be a big focus and difficult challenge, but with God's help, I pray that I can report more by the end of this year. I forsee 2014 being a big year for us... Dear God help me as I have a closer walk with thee!