Thursday, January 12, 2012

starting out slow...

I am daily trying to get a little extra done and trying to find a little drawer or cabinet to slowly go through. As usual, once we really on track with life ~ the devil will attack. Two of my closest family members do not have good health, 1 is barely hanging on, and when going through trials... you really see the friends that check in on you, see if you need anything, or simply just let you know they are thinking about you.... Those things really mean the most... and in these times you see the TRUE friends... I guess God was just allowing me 1 thing on my simplify life list of Friends...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 ~ The year to Simplify!

Happy New Year
2012 ~ The year to Simplify!
I was already pondering a focus for this upcoming year.
2011 wasn’t a bad year for me. I received many blessings and enjoyed making memories with my family. So what to look forward to for 2012? Then I checked a blog email and saw the word ~ SIMPLIFY. Yes! That has been my goal but now I have a cute name for it.
I have already tried hard this year to stay out of the stores. My insides are telling me that there are many sales that I need to go find. But if I am honest with myself: Do I need clothes? no. Is there honestly anything I NEED – not want? no I have come across friends recently that are honestly just broke. It makes me see that I am truly blessed beyond measure. Yes a lot of it comes from me wheeling and dealing and coupons, etc., but over all at the end of the day I am blessed!
There are many ways I need to simplify ~
And the list goes on! Not to mention there are many categories to each listed above.