Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 ~ The year to Simplify!

Happy New Year
2012 ~ The year to Simplify!
I was already pondering a focus for this upcoming year.
2011 wasn’t a bad year for me. I received many blessings and enjoyed making memories with my family. So what to look forward to for 2012? Then I checked a blog email and saw the word ~ SIMPLIFY. Yes! That has been my goal but now I have a cute name for it.
I have already tried hard this year to stay out of the stores. My insides are telling me that there are many sales that I need to go find. But if I am honest with myself: Do I need clothes? no. Is there honestly anything I NEED – not want? no I have come across friends recently that are honestly just broke. It makes me see that I am truly blessed beyond measure. Yes a lot of it comes from me wheeling and dealing and coupons, etc., but over all at the end of the day I am blessed!
There are many ways I need to simplify ~
And the list goes on! Not to mention there are many categories to each listed above.

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