Monday, June 4, 2012

The eyes of your heart?

Years ago a song same out, "Open the eyes of my heart Lord" …. And while I sang it, I began to pray that God would show me his ways and open my eyes to things of Him. As the years have passed, I can tell God has opened my eyes and convicted me of things that I was doing. A lot of it had to do with my entertainment choices – movies, tv shows, and books. I started feeling convicted and actually sickened at time when certain shows or subjects would come on TV. I mean there have been times I’ve cried or wanted to literally throw up. It is sad b/c if it really breaks my heart that bad, can we imagine what it does for our Creator? One area was I had to quit basically watching shows that included the supernatural or murder. I would watch some witch type shows, spirits talking to other shows, or just the common murder mystery shows. I started having nightmares where I could tell that God was telling me to take a step away.
I know there are verses out there and I can’t put my hand on them this morning, but I know God doesn’t want us putting all this junk in our minds and our spirit! Our inner most parts should be longing for our God, not for the things of this world.
Here lately books have come out that people are raving out. I’ll go read reviews and I see it is all about either murder or sex. Really? Why are people raving about this? Why do people want to read about people killing other people or some book that wouldn’t even get an R rating on a movie? I guess b/c I have been praying that simple prayer for years, I see things differently, and I know that I couldn’t dare try. It just hurts my heart seeing so many "Christians" putting out there they are reading these books, but I can only pray that God will open their hearts…. So I say a prayer and move on… I just wish and pray that more people would look toward more positive media to promote more positive uplifting things for our children to see and be exposed too… so just a thought… when was the last time you asked for God to Open the Eyes of YOUR heart?

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