Monday, July 15, 2013

Living an UNDAUNTED life

UNDAUNTED by Christine Caine
I first found out about Christine Caine by attending a women’s conference. I have started one of her other books, but I have found this book was so easy to read! It was easy to find myself constantly turning to pages. It is like sitting and listening to someone interesting tell a story that you want to hear. Most of all, her stories are encouraging. I really enjoyed her chapter on fear. We share a fear of flying, and it was interesting to see her take on it. I was also experience some other momma fears and the scriptures and the way she looked at things, really helped me to have Faith that God is on my side and there to protect me. May we all strive to live an undaunted life doing what God has called us to do!
You also think you have had a crazy life, but Christine has a lot of stories to tell that we can all build upon or see we don’t have it that bad. She continues to praise God through it all. I also love her passion for rescuing women. She is such an amazing person with such an inspiring story.
I am very thankful for Zonderan and the booksneeze reading program for this copy of this book.

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