Thursday, September 12, 2013

WOUNDED by God’s People by Anne Graham Lotz

It’s additional title is Discovering How God’s Love Heals our Hearts. This is a very good description about what the book is about. She shares this by telling the story of Hagar, the slave that bore Abraham’s son Ishmael. I learned many things about Hagar that I don’t think I had ever looked at. How she ran, but God commanded her to go back to Sarah and serve her. That would be so hard to do. Also how God promised a nation to Ishmael since he was a descendent of Abraham. She also talks about how many of us Christians are hurt more by brothers/sisters in Christ in the church. How normally those who lash out to wound others are normally the wounded ones. This book is for those that are hurting because they have been hurt by others or those wounded by any other fashion. By God’s love we are healed. Anne tells her story of past hurts and how she overcame also. A main point that I got was there are times we are at our greatest despair and we cry out to God and God opens our eyes and the answer what right before us. We were lost and hurt and not looking at what was right in front of us! Thank you booksneeze for providing me with this copy for my honest review!

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