Monday, January 26, 2015

Potty Training - How did I forget the fun times?

From labor/delivery to raising children - We honestly forget certain things, until another friend mentions something or you get the next kid, and go "OH WOW! How Did I forget?" From teething... To Potty Traning...

My son was pretty easy to train. I don't remember too many crazy times. He loved being cheered and praised. He did have one accident in his Dad's truck that I will always remember - Dad didn't realize he wasn't fully clothed under the big tshirt - Let's just say, he dropped one and stepped.

Now to my little princess! She loves to be clean. She has gathered the dirty ones go into the trash. However, sometimes she just goes and takes it off and puts in the trash and walks to me to help clean, or tries to clean herself... She maybe a princess, but yuck! Or one week was her thumbs up week. I passed the bathroom one time and she was just laying on the rug, giving me 2 thumbs up! Yes, she checks her diaper with her thumbs. So if you get a thumbs up, it is a dirty thumb and means in her words, "SURPRISE!" Just this past weekend, she would pass me with her face covered in her tshirt saying "pew wee." turns out her babies had a dirty diaper and she was throwing away clean diapers! I had to just give her a pretend trashcan - no telling how many clean ones had made it in the trash.
She does good some days and some days, she will let you know she went TT and then you get her to the bathroom and she hollers "Surprise!" This is going to be a fun ride the next couple of months!!

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