Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter & Heaven from My Child’s perspective

I love my son! He is a little pastor in the making w/o realizing it himself. I see the calling of God on his life all the time. He is meant to touch people. He sees the heavenly realm in so many ways. I can only pray he keeps this spirit about him.

In the afternoon of Easter, he runs excitedly thru the house. Mom!!! God hid me an egg! Of course your momma self is like, “WHAT?” so he repeats, “MOM, God hid me an easter egg! I just found this egg in the house! God hid it for me, and guess what? It is empty! He reminded me of the empty tomb!” I can only smile at this point and hug him! He must had been extra special for God to hide him that egg.

Later that night while we were cuddled saying our bedtime prayers, he is praying and asks God “to leave us just the way we are now when we go to heaven. Not to make Momma a kid, but keep her like she is so she can be my mom and I can be her kid, and when we get there, let us go together, but aren’t ready to go now.” I’m waiting for this to end to see what is on his mind. Then he asks about his Great Granny. DO you think she had a fun Easter? “Yes! She got to be with Jesus on this special day.” Well do you think she got to see me having fun on Easter? “Yes, I know she loved Easter and had to see you on Easter too!” At this point, I’m just waiting for his tired self to start with his tears that normally happens when he is tired and brings up his Great Granny.
Then it goes to, “Granny isn’t a kid, right? I still want her to be my Granny when I get to heaven.” Yes she will still be your Granny. “Well can she keep just one wrinkle, b/c I liked her widdle cute wrinkle.” “Well when I get to heaven, I want her to show me where the Circus Animals are, b/c I really want to see those circus animals.” Yes… “Well she can also show me where all the light switches are. I will need to know where they are.” We go into how God is the great light in heaven, there is no night when he is around, and no electricity – we won’t need light switches. Then he starts in on what does God do with the people that make it into heaven and then decide to do something bad. I explained that I would hope once they make it to heaven, they are so happy, that there isn’t a need to do bad. At this point he is getting tired, he rolls over and says, “Well I know one thing God has a lot of in heaven?” What sweet child of mine… “Security Cameras.. God has a lot of security cameras in heaven to keep a watch on everyone!” and he falls asleep…

I have to stop and think – what would people in this world do if we knew God has security cameras.. if we could physically see a God camera in the corner of the room.. something to remind us he is watching… I still think people would get used to seeing them after awhile and continue on with their sinful ways.. but maybe just maybe it might straighten a few people out..

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