Friday, May 22, 2015

Moving & Trusting God

We looked for almost a year. My children and I prayed that God would send that right house for our next step for our Future. Now this weekend is the final move! There has many adventures while digging out corners of closets that I stuffed over the last 7 years. There have been things the children have stuffed and forgotten about. Now we face the next step in our future - the future GOd has for us and the memories to be made.
I have tried to make each of these last days count. Made the kids realize this was the last weekend here, this was the last night for them to stay, etc. Even people in their daily life have heard the phrase "Go to New House!" I love how my 2 year old says it.
Now we also have been left to Trust God. We have not sold "Old House". I am praying daily for the new owners that they will find there way to their next path God has for them and the memories to be made in our "old house."
This old house holds memories.. memories of bringing both my babies home..memories of pregnancies.. sleepless nights..memories of babies and toddlers...memories of family members that won't see the new.. but will be remembered..
Now in this new season... the New house holds memories to be made of my kids enjoying their childhood.. may we stop to enjoy moments and make memories..
Here's to our new adventure!!

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