Thursday, May 19, 2016


Journey, Easter Journey is a book that my 3 year old is loving right now. It tells of how Jesus was on a Journey.. Journey journey Jesus.. Jesus on a Journey.. It takes him from his journey to Bethlehem, to Egypt, to being a carpenter, to the cross, to rising up in heaven.
We were in the store the other day when she saw a cross necklace. She said, "Jesus was on a journey, he journeyed to the cross, bad cross, but he is a live!" I thought the lady at the checkout was going to choke. Yesterday my great uncle asked did she like to read. She looked at him and said, "Jesus on a journey, journey journey on!!" Yes this book rhymes, and I have read it alot over the last 2 months. Yet I don't mind b/c I know God is using it to work in me and apparently for her to witness to others.
Since reading it, the work Journey sticks out in many devotions and things I run across...
FIND JOY IN YOUR JOURNEY is a phrase that keeps coming to mind. I love it especially since I was already loving the word JOY this year.

This life bogs us down. Yet we need to stop and make each day matter... find Joy in our Journey! Jesus put us in this world, at this point in history for a reason! Make each day matter for eternity and try not to let this life you get you down... Stop, take a breathe, and find Joy in your Journey, b/c it is YOUR JOURNEY! Jesus put you here... Things you go through is just part of your journey, learn from it and move on!!

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