Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No matter what... Sing Praises

Reading the Guideposts (March,2017) that had an article from Reba. She was talking about music is healing to her.. then she states it.. “I believe it is because it helps us. I find if I’m worrying too much about something, I’m not trusting God. I need to give my worries back to him.”

I firmly believe that praise and worship music can change an attitude. A radio station I listen to will dare people in January to stay with their station for 30 days and just see how their life improves. I love listening to the testimonies that occur. I remember once I lived further from home and worked where I didn’t know the Christian radio stations. I turned it on country or regular music. I could tell I was just moody. So one day I logged onto the internet to stream my home Christian radio station, and I honestly could feel my mood change. I keep it on at work still to this day. Now I’m home, and I have a radio next to me. Most jobs now frown on streaming music using their stuff… so this works. I love listening to my children sing these songs. I see people posting their kids singing other songs, but it just does my heart good to hear my kids singing praises to our King! You know there are times they sing while they are busy playing at home. It isn’t worldly music.. they just still praise our King.
So if sad, praise Him.
If lonely, Praise Him.
If worried, Praise Him.
If scared, Praise Him...
I betcha it will help!

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