Monday, November 5, 2012

The Month of Being Thankful! 1-10

Everyone is on FB daily telling what they are thankful for,  it gives a good glimpse into each one of my friends. Here are some of mine:
1.        I’m thankful for a heavenly Father that is always watching over me, protecting me, and blessing me.
2.       I’m thankful for my blessings of my youngest. He keeps me smiling and has such a big heart for Jesus. I pray that I can be the best parent to lead him to Jesus daily so that he will always have that heart for the Lord.
3.       I’m thankful for my difficult but very special to me stepchild who always keeps me on my toes!
4.       I’m thankful for my husband. It is good to know that I have one that I can trust and will always be there for my children.
5.       I’m thankful for my parents, step-parents, and grandparents… They have laid the foundation of who I am today!
6.       I’m thankful to have a job that will help provide for my family.
7.       I’m thankful for a good cup of coffee! Never know how good a hot cup is until you can’t drink one.
8.       I’m so thankful my youngest can go to a school that encourages and teaches him about Jesus!
9.       I’m thankful to have a job like I do. Though there are days I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, I am thankful I do have a job that helps me provide for my family.
10.    I’m thankful for my sister who is more than a sister to me. Siblings are a blessing!

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