Saturday, December 7, 2013

Plain Peace by Beth Wiseman

This is an awesome series that everyone should pick up. This series was the beginning of my love of Amish fiction. I love how the family evolves but each story is so touching and inspiring. At the end of the book you will find Amish recipes that are spoken of in the book. Something one might not realize is that this series ties in with her other series the Land of Canaan. It isn’t vital or necessary to read both series, but they float back and forth as Beth Wiseman writes these 2 series together. People visit different people from the other town and some of the stories tie together. I love both series. This story is about a young girl raised by her strict grandfather who is the bishop of the area. His strictness brings forth the thoughts of deceiving family; even the bishop’s wife isn’t being totally truthful. This story brings forth once conscious of being truthful and to honor those in authority. Once again Beth Wiseman writes a great book that inspires. Thank you to the Booksneeze reading program for my honest review for this copy. Thank you also to Thomas Nelson for publishing and providing this book.

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