Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Reason for My Hope: Salvation by Billy Graham

The Reason for My Hope: Salvation by Billy Graham It is always a blessing to read the words of Billy Graham. Knowing this could be his final book, as I see his health declining, I always enjoy what he has to say. He challenges those on the fence of Christianity to truly dig deeper. We all long to be free, for the Salvation only Jesus can offer to us. He uses stories of daily life along, side of stories from the Bible. Billy Graham again makes the reader think of things while reading, he engages you to truly think of your life and how do we really turn to God to rescue us. There are so many that stand on the verge of the end and refuse rescue from the One that can truly rescue us. Who would refuse rescue if on a boat sinking or a plane before it crashes? So why are so many people refusing to reach out to Him with their life, through the trials of life. Jesus came to save and to rescue us from this world, yet so many people complain vs. reaching out to Him! This book leaves you thinking of how often we forget to reach out for a rescue or to simply Trust in Him. It is good to read how he compares things of how the world views things or how we should view things based on the Bible. Thank you to the booksneeze reading program and Thomas Nelson for offering this book for an honest review.

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