Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Jesus Bible, NIV

Such a great idea for kids and adults! I thought the description given with the book below would be a great idea for my son:
The Jesus Bible, NIV
Discover Jesus In Every Book of the Bible by Zondervan
Jesus isn’t just found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. His presence can be felt throughout the whole Bible, even in Genesis. The Jesus Bible contains the complete New International Version (NIV) with daily study helps that point to Jesus and show how he fulfilled the prophecies for the Messiah found in the Old Testament. A perfect way to see the overarching narrative of the Bible, The Jesus Bible includes these features:
• Presentation page for personalization and gift giving
• Book introductions explain where Jesus appears in each book of the Bible
• 365 devotions revolve around the “sightings” of Jesus in the Old Testament and his life and teachings in the New Testament
• Application notes to help apply Jesus’ teachings to real life today
• Hundreds of clues highlight the promises/prophesies made about Jesus in the Old Testament and the fulfillments in the New Testament
• Index of the Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Christ
• List of Jesus’ miracles and parables
• Timeline of Jesus’ life
• Lineage of Jesus
• Concordance to help find key topics, people, and events in the Bible
• Words of Christ in red

I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found when I got this hard back Bible. It will be a great Bible for years to come with him. I love the way everything is laid out and the way it gives daily stories to relate to things that happened in the Bible and with things that Jesus said. I would highly recommend this Bible if you are looking for a good one for your child. Thank you to the booksneeze blogging program for this copy of The Jesus Bible in return for my honest review.

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