Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heaven is for Real - The Movie Edition

Heaven is for Real
By Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Special Movie Edition –
I had previously read the Heaven is for Real when it came out. This book is so touching, I believe everyone should read it every couple of years. It brought peace to me having my grandmother and father die recently. To know that they are in such an amazing place with such peace, it is a great thing to read about. I love how Colton then young would talk about something in Heaven and it would stop his parents in their tracks b/c it would really touch them! From the loss to his sister to his grandfather looking young. I now will stop and look at pictures of my relatives in their prime to picture how they would look in heaven. Of course you have to think about what age is my prime – I’ll take my late 20’s! My original book has been passed around through the family to bring them peace. This is a book that you want to keep a copy of handy to stop and read occasionally at any point to see the awesomeness of heaven! Then to know there is a movie coming out that has to be a must see for the entire family! I loved how the back of this Movie Edition is set up with the interviews of the actors, casting choices, to even a catch up with Colton who is now a teenager! The Q&A with Colton Burpo today was one of the best parts to have this Special Movie Edition. It was nice to read about how he is doing and his thoughts on the movie. It was good to hear he is still a kid with kid priorities, but how he still feels about heaven! I love this description of how you hide when you don’t want to leave someone’s house or somewhere fun and that is how heaven is! This book is sure to make you look differently at life.
This book was provided by the booklook bloggers program and Thomas Nelson publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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