Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Mom, I don't like school!"

I have dreaded and prayed that I would't hear those words from my son. Just these past couple of weeks he tell me this often. He tells me b/c it takes time away from playing and his parents. He can make you feel so sad for him at times. I'm so thankful God lays things upon my heart to share with him. This morning I heard those dreaded words again... I said explained that Mommy and Daddy have to work so he would miss time with us anyway, but God has great plans for him. God is preparing him for whatever he has plans for him. And to do those plans, I betcha he will have to be able to read and write... well it made his Prek self stop and think for awhile...

It wasn't long he asked was the yellow stuff on our car the same as the stuff on Cheetos... Um no! that is fake cheese on those chips and he is allergic to the pollen so please no licking it!

As parents we can only pray that we prepare our kids for what God has planned for them. I would love to plan his life for him, but I know God has a greater plan for my lil' guy.

Just the other day he told me he wanted to tell God he loved him. I said sure.. go right ahead..
"GOD! I looove you!!"
"Momma, I just made God's day!"

Secretly he made my day too!! He knows that we love God/Jesus first, b/c they gave us each other, and the family next! :)

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