Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I was blessed enough last night to be one of the last 2 people to get sitting room to hear Kari Jobe lead Praise/Worship and to sit and be refreshed by Christine Caine. She has a new book coming out in August that I can’t wait to read. She is such a powerful speaker/follower of Christ. She is always quick to point out that she was abandoned as a baby and abused for 12 years, but she has been an overcomer for longer than that! She hasn’t let her past dictate the rest of her life! God has restored and blessed her to use her message to offer hope to others. I just love listening to her accent, which if the tables were turned, I bet she loved listening to our southern accents in the town that I live.
Her message was “Move on”. Don’t let your past define you. She focused on the story of the promise land, how b/c of mumblings, they had to wait 40 years to enter the Promise Land. How often does God keep us waiting b/c we are mumbling and complaining? (ouch) Then when they set foot into the Promise Land, he wanted them to circumcise the men, and they waited to heal. There has to be a cutting away/some form of pain/separation to entering what God has promised for us. It is hard breaking away from the world. WE aren’t to be like the world. Sometimes stepping away from friendships, tv shows, etc. are painful. But out of pain, there is beauty. Then when they finally got going, there was a big wall in Joshua’s way. He didn’t want to go back and tell the people that God wanted them just to walk around the wall. I like the way she described him telling them to HUSH… be silent… don’t mumble or grumble b/c this wall might be there for 40 more years! Then how they walked for 6 days w/o seeing anything change and how often do we just want to see one brick fall to know what we are doing is working; however, when compared to daily life, how often do we quit doing what we are doing NOT knowing we are on that final lap before God shows up and shows out!

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