Friday, March 13, 2015

Showing and Giving our kiddos love...

I'm really not sure where I found these words that I now tell my kids... but I make sure that I tell them often


Our kids needs that reassurance that no matter what we love them. While getting onto my son one day and explaining how his actions were not acceptable, I heard, "I am sooo sorry! Why don't you just kick me out of the family! I know you want too!" WOW

What he did wasn't even that bad, but to him he felt like he didn't deserve to even be in our family. Then I simple said, "How does Momma love you?" He quickly said, "Always and Forever, NO matter what? So you still want me?" YES! It is always good to show and tell them that no matter what they do that I will always love them, but I also add, but so does Jesus.. He loves you even more than Momma!

I feel like I have my own library at the house.. We have way too many books. Anyway my little guy has also found a book that says I love you all day long. In the book, the piggy momma tells her son that she will love him all day long, even though she isn't with him, she loves him when he trips and falls, makes a friend, sings a song, is last in line. Now he will tell me.. Momma, I love you all day long even if... Now the other day he added, Even if you get fired.. I had to say um.. please don't say that.. Momma needs her job! ha!

Please just take the time to reassure your little ones on how much you love them! :)

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