Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Heaven ~ Conversations with a 6 yr old.

My 6 year old is a deep thinker. Last weekend out of the blue, I hear, "Momma Does God sleep?" No. God is always awake. "Well he must really get tired." No one needs to sleep in heaven. We won't get sleepy there. "Really! But what if you want to sleep, will Jesus let you sleep?" I bet you could go lay down by a tree and go take a nap if you want too. "People don't get sick in heaven right?" No sickness in heaven. Everyone will not get sleepy or sick in heaven or sad. "Do you know that that means? There is no POLLEN in heaven! God knows he made his people allergic to pollen, so there has to be NO Pollen in heaven." Either that are no one is allergic to it any longer. "COOL!" and that was the end.

I love seeing how little eyes view heaven. He doesn't ever seem scared of the idea of heaven. I guess because he knows people that are there already. There are nights he says he isn't ready to go, unless I go with him. I think even as we know that we face the end times and sad things are happening around us, heaven just seems so peaceful. I know God is coming soon. I strive daily to prepare myself and my children. In the end, I pray that I am with my children with that time comes. Are you ready to go?

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