Monday, July 20, 2015

Bad guys, God & Jesus in 1, and Have you tried to Comet lately? - my 6 yr old

At the end of his nighttime prayer: “Dear God, please make the bad people that will change good and to love you, and please hurry and just send the other bad guys to hell, Amen.”

Then after prayer, he asked was Jesus and God one person. I said well God was in heaven and sent a part of him to Earth to have Jesus be his son. They say Jesus sits next to God in Heaven. But a part of God is in Jesus. I explained it is confusing how people talk about it, but we will understand when we get to heaven. So I just know Jesus stands on our side to help us get into Heaven b/c we aren’t perfect people, but with Jesus we are forgiven. He said well I wonder how it is in Heaven when Jesus gets on God’s nerves and they fight or argue? I explained they don’t. Jesus is perfect and helps God. He thought for awhile and said, “I really still think God and Jesus are one person.” Later he said, “You think they are like an ugly dragon with 2 heads, but of course they aren’t ugly.”


On our way to school, I was talking about how we needed rain to wash away whatever was messing with our allergies. I told him growing up, we sang a song at church called “Send Down The Rain Lord.” I started singing it.. “Send down the rain Lord, We need your rain Lord, Send down that Holy Ghost rain.” AND I immediately heard – MOM YOU just called GOD a GHOST!!! So why not go to the 3rd area of God. Well son, people call the part of God that Jesus left with us down here on Earth the Holy Spirit. “Yes I know that, Why did you call him a ghost!” I explained another way to say the Holy Spirit is the Holy Ghost. “SO we have a GHOST living in us!?” I knew his little brain was busy… I told him that is a little of God’s love that lives in all of us that helps others see Jesus in us.

“Oh!! So that is what bad people can see that makes them want to love Jesus too?” Yes. “So I can say really nice stuff to bad people, they will see God’s love, and it will make them turn good?” So we talked about how you can help others, tell them Jesus loves them, or just be really sweet to them so they can see Jesus in us. Per him, “That is called COMET! When you do things that other people see Jesus in you! You know like the stuff with planets, but different!”

Of course then the conversation quickly went to what size are planets. I told him that I had seen a picture of Pluto on the news last week, but they say it isn’t a planet. He informs me it was, but too many asteroids hit it and made it too small to be a planet. Wow, 6 year olds sure know things. Ha!

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