Thursday, July 9, 2015

I’m Happy for You {Sort OF … Not Really}

I’m Happy for You {Sort OF … Not Really}
Finding Contentment in a Culture Of Comparison
By Kay Wills Wyma
I just loved the title of this book with the picture of the fish. Once I started reading I learned this is coming from a mom and she has a normal life that she is letting us look into. This book is full of truths that we need to recognize as women, moms, and just being us. It is an easy read as she tells certain experiences that she and her kids have had. She isn’t telling you this is how things should be done, this is more of just encouraging you on life’s journey as we do life together. There a lot of life stories and a lot of great quotes. Here are just a few: “OCD Obsessive Comparison Disorder; Comparison is the thief of Joy ~ Theodore Roosevelt; If you take comparison, change 2 letters you get compassion… “ We are on this journey together and we are not alone in our crazy comparisons and thoughts. This book is mainly to let you know you aren’t alone and try to encourage you. I would recommend it to a mom that has a chance to read. The back has discussion questions for a group of chapters. This would be a great mom book reading club book. The world is all about how we look and compare ourselves to each other. As moms I bet we all look at social media and see everyone portraying the happy life and all is good. I have really enjoyed the NoJealousJuly pics that some of my church members have started to show that they aren’t perfect. We need more of that! We all have our faults, but we need to look deep to see who God created us to be.. not what he created others to be. And if you get discouraged, try to change the Comparison into Compassion and go do something nice for someone! I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this honest review.

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