Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who is watching your life?

We never know when during our day to day same routine when we have people that watch to see how we live our life. Even as simply as telling someone you are going on a diet and trying this “diet plan” do you have a few people that secretly watch your life. It is when a certain one calls out of the blue to ask how long you have been doing “this plan” and actually says, well I will keep watching you and see how it goes. It makes you want to say – oh you have been watching me?
I know there are times in life we go through battles – ones that maybe only a few people know about or ones that the world knows about – that you have people watching your life. It is our choice daily to wake up and live for our Creator and do our very best and in those times pray we can be an example for HIM and let our light shine!

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