Saturday, October 22, 2016

From the Depths We Rise

Over a year ago, I saw a link to a site where they requested prayer for this precious baby girl fighting for her life. The words from this mom was heart breaking, but one thing pulled at me. It was simply her FAITH. I kept going backwards on her blog...they really need a start at the beginning button. I saw where she was a woman of great faith. A mighty warrior for our wonderful Father. She had already lost her husband, went ahead to have their daughter, the daughter her husband knew she would have. I remember praying constantly for this precious baby..pleading on their behalf...even my children knew we were praying for Baby Ellis to get better.
I have followed Sarah's journey since then. I continue to watch her Rise after life has given her some blows, but she truly praised him in the storm. I love watching Milo's and Ellis grow. I'm thankful she shares her story. When life deals a blow, I remember she continued and so shall I.

This book is like your good friend is sitting next you telling you her life's story. It's an easy read. One I couldn't read wo tears pouring. Tears of sadness
...tears of joy seeing God's hands in it all. You will read her life story of finding her husband. Her journey to become a mom...her journey of seeing her husband fight cancer..her journey of saying goodbye for now to her life's love...seeing her daughter born that her husband had already seen in a vision...her battle for her daughters life to wear she was handed her child to hold to pass away. Yet God is awesome and with faith of a mustard seed...we saw this baby astound doctors and live again. If you need a reminder of how Great our God this book..follow this journey

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