Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dig Deeper! Words from a 5 year old!

Last night my 5 year old brings me a book on different kinds of trucks. It is a basic toddler book without alot of words. He said, "Tonight we are going to DIG DEEPER and read more than just the words! You are supposed to think about the words, look at the pictures, and dig deeper into the book." He has no idea what his words really mean. YES we are suppose to dig deeper into life and God's Word! I told him that he was very smart. We are supposed to do that to God's word. When we read the Bible, we are to Dig Deeper into what we are reading and find out what those words mean to us and how we live. I love how he opened up that conversation with just he words - DIG DEEPER!

So today try to Dig Deeper into life and into what God has planned for us! Grab God's Words and try to DIG DEEPER!

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