Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our biggest enemy is sometime ourselves…

The enemy sometimes just uses our weakness to get us. Just like on the ninja turtle cartoon on the other day, each turtle was fighting their worst fear when in actuality there wasn’t anything there. How many times in life are we our worst enemy? I think it is when we let ourselves become super stressed is when the enemy says “let’s get her! Let’s use her weaknesses against her!” How many times do we let the devil throw issues at us in our mind that really aren’t there! We let him mentally tear us down. We let doubt creep in over issues that really aren’t there for us to fight.
There are times I feel people are just against me and my flesh wants me to stop and complain against them. I caught myself wanting to do that last week. Then I thought, let’s keep my words and thoughts positive and keep doing what I know that I need to do. In the end, I don’t think they were against me but just a test that I had to endure. Sometimes these are the hardest things is when we are up against people that are maybe not the friendliest, but we have to show them our Christ like attitude. Or should I say we need to.
There are times the enemy will sit there, if we let him, and put things in our mind that will bring us down… let us feel like we are all alone, when actually God is always there for us. Take one Wednesday night I was very upset and wanted to be by myself, so I walk in, sit in the back, and I notice not one person spoke to me the entire night – except my sweet niece. Take it that I wanted to be by myself, but then the enemy says – you see no one even spoke to you! Why did you even go? They wouldn’t had missed you. I have to step back and see what is happening or I could sit and let myself get depressed.
How often does God let us become to tested so he can see if we have learned our lesson? How often do we let ourselves be tested and actually see and learn from it? How often do we see we fail and try to be on guard for the next test? Let’s try to realize our battles and only fight the ones that are meant for us to fight and not let Satan put extra battles in our way that we don’t even have to fight! Let’s have faith and don’t doubt!

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